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The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery was founded in 1982 in Corpus Christi, Texas by Jeanne & Mark Samii. The first bakery was a scant 300 square feet with only two items offered on the menu, old fashion and amaretto almond cheesecake. At the time Corpus Christi did not have a unique bakery like this. Cheesecake was regarded as a novelty item. Supplying restaurants and hotels was the primary focus in the first year of business. After the public got a taste of the Ultimate Cheesecakes three retail stores were put in place in Corpus Christi.

In 1984 the company expanded to San Antonio, Texas with the opening of two more retail stores and nationwide distributors. With increased demand the company expanded to a 25,000 square feet plant in 1985. Two more retail stores in Edmond, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas were also opened that year.

The menu now features over 120 items- 32 flavors of cheesecake, layer cakes, tortes, pies, cookies, bars and specialty items. Each retail store is individual in offering wedding cakes and custom design cakes. Over the years family and friends have become involved in the business and helped with the success and growth. Their son Matthew, (some say he was born in the bakery) has been involved in the business since a child. Such duties as folding boxes and sweeping floors gave him an appreciation for the hard work it takes to run a successful business. He now owns retail stores in Texas and is currently in position to take the apron from his mother. He hopes to have twenty more retail locations in place by the year 2010.

The company currently has distribution in Kansas City, Kansas- Dallas, Texas- Houston, Texas- Phoenix, Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah.
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